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JGF Towing is a 24-hour roadside assistance company that ensures the citizens of Baltimore are getting prompt and efficient services during an auto mishap.

The company is equipped with well-trained, flexible, and efficient workers who are always on alert to get on the road and save a vehicle and its owner. We have the most up-to-date technologies and tow trucks for your vehicles and trucks.

Be it a flat tire or a complete waste of the vehicle, where we’d have to use a flatbed tow truck, our equipment and team are up to the task. Our delivery rate is unmatched by any other roadside assistance company in Baltimore.

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Experienced Towing Service In Baltimore MD


Towing and Roadside Assistance Services In Baltimore MD

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At JGF Towing, we put a high priority on client happiness. Our rapid arrival has earned us a reputation as one of Baltimore’s most dependable tow truck services.


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The biggest fear for drivers is having automobile difficulties in the middle of the road, but it may get even worse if the person you call for assistance disappoints you. Don't let that be you. Call our prompt and efficient team immediately!

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