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Got A Flat Tire? Here’s What You Need to Do

When you get a flat tire, you should immediately stop driving and pull over in a safe place away from other vehicles. Never go any further than necessary on the flat. If you keep driving on it, you risk damaging your wheel and destroying any chance of the tire being repaired.

If you have a flat tire at night, pull over and turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers to the problem. Then, exit your vehicle and examine your tires to determine which tire is flat and whether more than one tire is impacted. If you are capable, you can attempt to change the flat tire with a spare tire, a tire wrench, and a car jack.

Unless it’s a full-size spare, you shouldn’t keep a spare tire on your car all the time. It should only be used to safely transport your car to the closest auto repair facility so that a mechanic can quickly fix your flat tire. If the tire is too damaged to be repaired, you will need to purchase a new one.

We understand the situation might not allow you to be completely in control of what happens, and if you haven’t changed a tire before, it will take hours to get back on the road again. JGF Towing will get to your location and fix the tire as quickly as possible.

If you cannot change your tire, call an emergency roadside assistance firm that offers services around the clock for motorists who experience car issues at unfavorable times and locations.


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